So one time when I was drunk I had a genius thought about religion.  Now let me start by saying that we practice no religion in my family and I’m kind of vague on most of the bible.  Ok, all of it.  So anyway, I had been drinking and I realized that maybe we had Jesus all wrong.  What if Zeus was actually Jesus and the name came about because his friends used to call out “Hey Zeus!”  which became Jesus (pronounced hey Zeus).

Then I started thinking about Jesus and wondering about his life.  I mean the guy is born in a stable and then the next thing you know he is out curing diseases, reattaching severed ears, washing feet, etc.  What about his early years?  I mean, was he a colicky baby?  What was his first word?  Was he a defiant toddler?  Was he a rebellious teen?  I mean, where are the stories about this?  Did he call his parents by their first names?  When they went out for the night did he throw parties in the stable?  Actually, I don’t know if he lived in a stable his whole life.  I know he was born there but then what?  Did he live in the inner city? Did his dad make some money and move them to the ‘burbs?  Where are these stories?

That’s a lot of deep thought for a drunk person.